The RPA Bi-Monthly Newsletter

For years, the plight of the majestic robot has gone underrepresented in the popular media.

In Japan, time traveling robots have been hunted to extinction. Using high tech gadgets that can catch as many as 6 robots at once, peacefully frolicking through the negadimension, heartless poachers kill these robots for their flux capacitors, and frequently leave the rest of the robot debilitated, and subject to time-erosion.

No robot should die from time-erosion.

For a donation of mere micropennies a day, you can do your part in the fight to save these beautiful, untamed creatures from an irreversible fate.

Did you know that robot slavery is still practiced in many first world nations today? And though many excellent law enforcement agencies are taking steps to eliminate the barbaric practice of robot battles- we can do more.

The Robot Preservation Association is devoted to three pronged assault on the factors that threaten continued robot survival. We work to address the economic factors that threaten robot habitats, fight for sustainable robot preserves, and raise the public's awareness of continued threats to robots through robot advocacy.

What's new with the RPA this month:

  • MI Chapter Leader Kimberly Binder is continuing her series of in home meetings about safe robot pet practices. "We're getting a lot of support, and meeting attendance has swelled into the hundreds" says Binder. Click here to read the full story.
  • Rock Trio Binary finished their "Human Like You" tour to a sold out crowd at the Staples Center in Downtown LA this week. 15% of all ticket and merchandise sales from the tour are donated directly to the RPA and its offspring organizations. Click here to visit the band's website.
  • Hank Marshall's 15th Annual Robotary Club fundraiser dinner was attended by hundreds, and raised over $17,000 for robot related causes. Click here to see pictures from the event.

Getting Involved

God Bless, and remember, together, we can make a difference to robots.

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Brian Rubinow said...

You are a traitor to your species, sir. Don't you know about El Robot Revolucion Grande?!?!