Chalk to up to writer's bloc, chalk it up to the fact that it's a Monday, whatever you blame, it's time for more...


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Legend of Mana

GameFAQs is useless!
No one knows how to temper!
Let's play whack-a-map.


Isometric view
Means ground breaking visuals
Shit! Jumping puzzles!

World of Warcraft

Raiding DPS?
I hope you are a warlock

Warcraft III

Four races clash swords
Delicate gameplay balance

Final Fantasy 4

Though you get there first
You never save the crystal
Goddammit, Golbez!


This puppy is great
Now what button do I press
To get a real dog?


Brian Rubinow said...

On Super Punch-Out!!

Rick and Nick Bruiser
Prove there is nothing quite like
Fighting a baby.

Narcis Prince: British,
Effeminate, and, like all
English, fun to punch.

Aran Ryan proves
One should never provoke an
Irish vampire

Heike Kagero
Versus Super Macho Man.
Which one is gayer?

Piston Hurricane:
Watch out! He's going to punch-
Oh, nevermind then.

"I am a killer!
I am the Bear Hugger!" Please.
Just punch his stomach.

Sestren said...
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Sestren said...

On Chrono Cross:

Tyranno Fortress
Is now the Tower of Stars
So why am I here?

"I'm the real Serge!"
You should say that, otherwise
No flying arrow

Chronopolis rocks!
Frozen ocean, Lucca's dad, and...
Evil save points...uh...?

Gambling vessel
Has the best music ever
Willie loves this boat

I can dig this plot
I'm enjoying this dungeon
Wait, I'm a cat now!?

Sestren said...

On Fallout 3:

Project Purity
I'll die if I go inside
Why can't Fawkes do it?

Once you're used to it
Numerous dads are awesome
Breathe deep in the blue

War never changes
Weaponry, however, does
Shishkabob, baby