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Just earlier today, I was looking through an old copy of Entertainment Weekly, and inside was a review of the Clone Wars movie, which had just come out at the time. The positive elements of it were listed as that while the plot was kind of dumb, and the characters were described as... I believe "bombastic" was the word, the reviewers kids loved it, and they didn't know any children who saw it and didn't. I mean, it was just a kids movie, right?

I'd just like to say "Thanks, PIXAR, for proving once and for all that 'It's just a kids movie' just isn't good enough."

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Sestren said...

When my siblings and I were little, we rarely watched live television. Usually, when we said we wanted to watch TV, it mean we wanted to see Betamax tapes of old Disney cartoons (namely Mousterpiece Theatre). Neither us nor our parents got tired of them because they were genuinely funny. They weren't obviously trying to cater to a particular age set or demographic, and the humor was easily understood and appreciated by children and adults alike.

It's good to know that at least one animation studio can take a hint.